Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I’m a Stay at Home Mom to two furry kids, Copper and Daisy and wife to Joe. I really enjoy creating things with paper, photos, fabric and of course, glitter!

I’m originally from Sunny Southern California but have relocated to Bucks County, Pa. I really miss the sun but enjoy all of the greenery and beauty here as well. I’m the oldest of four. They still live in Ca and I miss them, my nieces and my parents very much.

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I spend a lot of my time teaching others about the hope the Bible holds out for mankind and the earth. I really enjoy this! We are so united that when I moved across the country I had a group of people ready to be my good friends. I can’t imagine moving so far without such a great support system in place.

My hubby works in the Wind industry so we move to where the work is! He’s very talented and a hard worker. I’m proud of how far he’s gotten! It’s also nice to say that he’s helping the environment in his work.

I hope you don’t mind but at times I will talk about fun things not strictly scrapbooking. I enjoy all things artistic!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!



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