Washington DC- Part One

Good morning! Hope you’re all having a warm beautiful Spring where you’re at. Recently we went on a trip to Washington DC. It was a really last minute trip but it was perfect. The weather was so warm and beautiful for most of the trip. The cherry trees were in bloom and wow are they amazing. The photos really don’t do them justice! If you haven’t been to DC, especially in Spring, I really suggest a trip there. So much to do and see there. And all of the museums are free!!

Here’s some of the photos of the museums (there’s alot of them!):

Museum of American History

I think this is the EPA building but look at those light fixtures! They were huge!

This was part of a display on transportation through the ages. This boat was so detailed.

The Hope diamond. The picture doesn't remotely do it justice. It is breath taking! I love blue diamonds and this is a marvelous example of our Creators wonderous design.


Well that’s part one. The next part will be photos of DC and the cherry trees.

Have a great day!



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