Art Every {3} Days- Twoo Wuv

Happy Thursday!

Today I have I layout I did of my hubby and I. The thing is he does not want his picture on the internet at all. You know, in case he wants to be a spy some day or something. Boys! So here is the layout without any of him in the photos I took.

love twoo wuv

I can't believe it but we've been married 17 years!

Gotta have some white Mister Huey

A little yellow always makes blue better!

It kinda looks like what you do to photos when you break up...hmmm

Sorry about the last photo being in spy mode! I just really wanted to show the whole layout. As usual my photos don’t really do it justice. I think I need a light box. I’m off to Youtube to see about making one.

Have a great day!




About photosglitterglue

I'm an domestic engineer (housewife) to two furry kids and a great hubby. I love photography and scrapbooking. I enjoy taking pictures of my family, especially my adorable nieces. I love to put glitter on my scrapping pages (and everything else!). My other interests are reading and gardening. I also spend a large amount of my time serving Jehovah God by studying the Bible and teaching others about the hope it holds.
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6 Responses to Art Every {3} Days- Twoo Wuv

  1. Liz the Poet says:

    Wow, I love this! (And I think it’s cute that your husband wants to keep his secret identity.)

    You truly have a great eye for composition. Just enough angles to keep it interesting, but also balanced.


  2. alexa says:

    Hello! and thank-you for visiting me, and I am pleased to find your lovely blog with all this glorious shape and colour! The blue of your paper is so perfect with your dress (and – ssshhhh! – his suit), and I like your little tab and strip to direct the eye. I’ll be back!

  3. hi! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog…
    i love what you did with this… and the comment about your husband maybe wanting to become a spy eventually made me laugh.
    You’ve created some beautiful things here… keep posting!

  4. Robin says:

    LOL I love it! Too funny!

  5. Lesley says:


    Thank you for your comment and I love your layout using the Starbucks heat sleeve – ( I collect them whenever we are in Starbucks as I am planning to do a mini book one day about my obsession).

    What a great idea for a mug swap. Starbucks in the UK only do a small selection and definitely not one of the place I live ( Tamworth is a very small town in the midland of the country). I can however get you an England one and a London one if you are interested.

    Please let me know if you are still interested as we would love a Philly and New York one.

    My e-mail is

    Lesley (and an equally Starbucks obsessed Hubby AJ)

  6. Love this layout – so clean and yet interesting and mobile (–if that makes any sense.) 😉

    Love that coffee layout too. And that Starbucks addiction, that’s a problem I understand completely.

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