Week in the Life Thursday

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday was a really busy day. I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted to. I spent about 3 hours just driving. Good thing my car gets good gas mileage!! So here’s my day!

waking up late again

apparently someone felt the need to gaurd the toy basket overnight!

putting socks on to do some treadmill...that never happened!

Make the bed


check a few blogs before I finish getting ready

stop for some passion tea for my long drive

Today was an eating out a lot day. It’s really hard to be healthy if you eat out. I didn’t do too bad other than spending more than I would’ve liked to.

I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find a pretty vase and the cutest pail

this is how you know you're close to the Philadelphia Outlets!

I returned a briefcase hubby didn't like as much as he thought he would....I may or may not have spent the refund on myself đŸ™‚

a brand new Costco is right next to the outlets. it's so nice!!


Costco makes the best berry smoothie...and there's no dairy in them...yay!

pick up an Rx on the way home

I do this post!

Hubby gets home late and neither of us are really hungry so we just snack a little. When it’s a little brighter I plan on taking photos of some of the things I got today as well as some scrapping stuff a friend got for me at a huge discount! (you know who you are and thank you!!)

I crashed really early for me. I’m really tired lately even with exercise (which can denote problems with my thyroid…again). I have a big day ahead!

Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great Friday!

How’s your week in the life going? Are you burning out yet?


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Week in the Life Wednesday

Today was a much more normal/active day. I had volunteer work, Dr’s appts and a walk with the (old) pups. Here’s my day:

warm steamy shower

Yes I am a dork and I hold the shower caddy up with a hair clippy. I’ve tried tons of things and this is the only one that seems to work!


Dad's still in bed so little man is on the floor đŸ™‚

waiting for the light to change

Starbuck's break around 11 am

At lunch we had a going away pizza party for a friend. Because I’m not sure that everyone there would be ok with their photo online I didn’t post the photo I took.

Off to the Doctors for two appointments. I drive 35-40 minutes for my doctors but it's so worth it!

As far as hospitals go, this is one of the best!

Yearly allergy tests. Yes Im still allergic to mold big time!!

Time to take the pups for walks!

On the trail to the park across the street

This is why a 1.4 mile walk takes 40 minutes. Too much sniffing!!

I think this is a wild honeysuckle or maybe a mock orange. It smelled amazing!

The lake was beautiful as always!

So after my 2 mile walk hubby got home and we went on a bike ride.

love this water bottle. it keeps the water really cold.

After our ride I made dinner


The pups hunted the cutest  little racoon through the back window

And the hubby watched his favorite show, Chopped

After too many Dr appts (and a biopsy), 2 miles walked and 3 miles on the bike, I was exhausted and crashed for the night.

Hope you have a great day. Check out more here


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Week in the Life Tuesday

Day two of Week in the Life. Another day at home which is unusual. Here’s what my day was like on Tuesday.

I have to take this before I even get up. It helps a lot tho!

It's a sunny but chilly morning

Getting dressed

check Pinterest

Some vaccuming

Girl decides to wake up

little man loves hanging out on the front porch

he loves the back porch too!

posting Mondays photos

I feel like I'm being watched!

time for a treat break

and a nap (he rearranges the blankets like a maniac!)

grab the purse

and go run some errands

like grocery shopping

Welcome back home!

turkey sausage for spicy spaghetti

spicy spaghetti...yummy! it was really spicy because hubby added extra spice!

little man in a spaghetti coma

deer grazing across the street

a brand new womens basketball...yay!

and finally winding down watching Castle

Hope you had a good day. To see more Week in the Life posts, visit Ali Edwards.

See you tomorrow!



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Week in the Life Monday

I loved doing Week in the Life so much last year that I decided to do it again this year. Unfortunately I’ve not been feeling to good so I’m not having as busy a week as normal. But it’s good to record even the weeks that don’t go as I planned! Here’s a few of my photos from Monday. Most of these were taken with my iPhone and Instagram.

Woke up really late for me!

When Dad leaves little man sneaks on the bed!

Checked the weather...cold and rainy Yuck!

My sleepy girl

listened to Adele

Laundry day...yay!

my healthy 3 point+ breakfast. gotta love Weight Watchers!

Mister Huey fun

Where I scrap

Sorry for the blurry photo and it’s a mess!

naptime for the girl

getting ready for a bike ride

That furry blur is the pup chasing hubby on his bike

The pups chase us around the driveway

setting off on our ride

This bike ride was a REALLY bad idea for me! I was feeling a little better and thought I could do it. About 2 miles into it I had to stop and rest for a while. I thought I was going to die! The mile and half back was rough! That’s what I get for trying to do too much when I don’t feel good.

That was pretty much it for me for the rest of the day!

I’m linking up to Ali Edwards.

Have a great day!



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Last Summer my hubby and I went back to visit his hometown in the high desert of California. While there he got to hang out with his childhood buddies. With my mother-in-laws help, we got them together for a photo.

I used the Chap line for this page. I also did this page for Shimelle’s challenges 11 and 12. The first challenge was to use two different patterend papers.

I actually used three different patterns. I flipped over the “Jim” Chap paper to get the blue and white strip.

The second challenge was to use the same photo twice.

I really like using both black and white and color on a layout. I think it highlights the photo really well.

I cut this star with my criut to add a little more color

These letters are really cool looking. The photo doesn't do them justice.

Cute Studio Calico stars

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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Wordless Wednesday




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Good Monday Morning!

I’m still working on the challenge’s from Shimelle’s weekend of scrapping. I’m determined to do most of the 16 challenges. I never realized how much challenges help you to get your creativity flowing!

This page is for challenge #6 which is to create a pocket on your layout. This page was also inspired by this card from two peas.

Sorry for the blur but hubby never wants his photo online

For this layout I took Smash washi tape and covered a scrap piece of paper I had. I really like the effect. Then I wanted to highlight the washi tape so I kept the rest neutral.

You'll be seeing lots more of these on my pages.

I got this cute speech bubble at A Life Handmade. I love her cute cards, stickers and confetti tags.

The pull tab for my journaling inside

I wrote about how sick my hunny was on this day but that he was a trooper and went to a vitaly important event, the Memorial of Jesus death, anyway.

We chose this title because that’s how long we hope to be married! I asked him what he thought the title should be in one word. We tried out a few different words but we both loved Forever.

Isn’t that washi tape awesome?! I love the bright colors and patterns! The hearts were left over from another project I did this weekend. I like that they’re imperfect but still cute.

I just had to add some more hearts! They’re my favorite!

One last look at the complete page. I’ve been having so much fun being creative this weekend. After some craziness and sickness that we’ve been dealing with, I really needed to just do something fun. I feel like I can breathe again. Creativity is sooo theraputic! Thanks for stopping by!


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Uncles are Fun!

I know these photos aren't great. That and the paper is a little wrinkled due to water colors being used. This is why you don't scrap when you're really tired!

I guess I’m kind of going out of order because this is for challenge number two. The challenge is to create a page using  three different paper lines. So I used lines from American Crafts (Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy) and Heidi Swapp.

This layout is about my neice Ally playing with her two uncles. She loved getting both of their attention at the same time!

Isn’t that banner super cute?! It’s from Heidi Swapp’s new line. I used water colors on it. The great thing is that you can make them any color you need to.

The polaroid looking frames are really fun to use. I love the old timey look they give.

Thanks for looking!

Have a great week!



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Flutterby Love

This is for the sixth challenge. The challenge is to take a layout and drastically change something about it. I found this layout on pinterest that I really like but I needed it to be more girly. Also, I wanted my page to be 12×12 and the original is 8 1/2×11.


So I used Dear Lizzy paper which is very girly to make this layout.

Flutterby Love

I just had to make a page about my flutterby experience at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. This little guy was sooo friendly!

I added stickles to make my butterfly sparkly

I love these Dear Lizzy papers! They work so well for this type of photo. They also say Spring and Summer to me.

That lovely sticker is so cute!

To add some texture I punched the bottom edge of the picture.

I was really inspired be the paper “rays” on the original page. Lifting this page really made this layout come together quickly. It’s such a happy page!

Thanks for looking!


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Sweet and Lovely Sisters

Here’s my layout for challenge number five. The challenge was to take inspiration from a layout and use that to make a layout. I have always loved the white on white look. It’s so clean looking. I think white is my new favorite color!

This is my first layout that has this much white. I’m really happy with how it turned out!I added just enough color.

The hearts are so cute! Had to add some splatter!

The black and white picture added a classy look I think.

That rainbow edge is by Sassafrass and it's super cute!

I wish I could take credit for all of this layout but most of it was lifted from Wilna Furstenburg. I just love her style!

One last look at the entire page.

Thanks for looking!


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